Bubbly Cotton Denim Bay


-Bubbly Cotton = 100% cotton
-100 gram
-170 meter
-Denim Bay
-needle 4 – 6

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This is a super product! Feels like clouds, if you can know how clouds feel 😉
Available on balls of 100 grams each

170 meter each ball and available in some beautiful colours

It is a thread composed of 100% cotton with a wool texture, it is a wool effect, but being 100% cotton it does not warm, it is recommended for spring and autumn clothing, because it is a soft and light material, but it does not warm like wool being 100 % cotton. Its curly appearance gives it a fluffy appearance that is very pleasant to the touch and makes a curl imitating bubbles, hence its name.

To get cotton with a wool effect, instead of compacting the cotton to braid it, what they do is that once the yarn instead of folding it, they wind a filament over the cotton yarn that makes the cotton remain fluffy but have resistance and is textured, achieving this bubbly effect.

It took almost a year of work to get a 100% cotton with a wool look, have less weight and is extra soft.
Very good for knitting, weaving, crochet, needle punching and more, just give your work some special effect with those bubbly beauties

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