Basic – 9 mm Cotton String Natural


  • High Quality cotton 100% Pure and Natural
  • 9 mm
  • 105 meters
  • 3.2 kilo
  • 1-ply cord / string
  • natural white (unbleeched)
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Basic – 9 mm Cotton String Natural

Elevate your creative ventures with the pure charm of our Basic Cotton Collection!

100% Pure and Natural: Top-notch macramé string crafted from 100% pure, natural cotton. The production of this collection does not include polyesther, plastics and other chemicals, ensuring no unpleasant odors or synthetic elements – just pure cotton, nothing else! Our Basic collection offers an authentic experience that’s eco-friendly and therefor brings no harm to our health.

The shades of the natural items in this assortment lean towards a whiter tone, whereas in comparison, other collections might exhibit a slightly more ecru hue. Both variations hold their own beauty. The final coloration is influenced by factors such as weather, humidity, the geographical region where the cotton is cultivated, and various other conditions.

Whether you’re into macramé, weaving, crochet, or more, this cotton string is the perfect choice for your creative projects. Its versatility allows for various artistic expressions, making it a must-have for all types of creators.

Get creative with our 9 mm Basic Cotton String. You’ll have 105 meters of high-quality 1-ply cotton string and weighing 3.2 kilogram, on a cardboard core that adds extra weight. This means minimal 3.2 kilo of product you can use!

Please note that the perception of color can vary across different screens. As a result of the organic nature of cotton, subtle fluctuations in color and thickness are expected from batch to batch. These natural variations underscore the authenticity of our product, ensuring that every creation you embark on is truly one-of-a-kind.

We recognize the importance of maintaining a consistent experience in your artistic journey. When you select 2 or more units of the same product in a single order, rest assured that you’ll receive the same quality (when in stock)

Discover the magic of natural cotton and let your creativity shine. With our Basic Natural Cotton String, you can explore limitless possibilities where creativity meets the beauty of nature.

Weight 3.35 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 17 cm