Premium Cotton is our second best collection. After Giza cotton a well deserved second place! Or better to say is 2 winners!
Premium Cotton is together with Giza our finest, most luxurious cotton string and rope, available in single twist string and 3-ply rope.
NO polyester, NO platsics, NO other additives! Just pure and natural cotton. We call it VIRGIN cotton. 100% nature! With OEKO-TEX 2022OK2199 AITEX label.
We’ve searched a long time for a premium 100% cotton with a distinctive quality so clear, soft and shiny, you can almost feel it in the photos.

The fibers are flatter and sleeker, with less “fluff” than recycled cotton collections.  This is what gives the rope its strength and silkiness.  It allows for easier combing into a beautiful rich fringe and / or luxurious tassels with less flying fuzz, but it has less density than our recycled cottons, resulting in a lighter, finer product. It can be used for macrame, weaving, crochet, needle punch and more.
When looking for a premium fibre that exudes luxury? Here it is.

It’s important to note that variations in the length of cotton products are common due to the natural characteristics of cotton fibers. While the weight of the product remains consistent, the length can vary by about 5 to 10% because cotton fibers are not uniformly thick from one growing season to another.

This variation is typically due to factors like weather conditions, soil quality, and other environmental factors that affect cotton growth. Producers often take these variations into account when setting the amount of meters for their cotton products to be as precise as possible in weight and length.

As a consumer, it’s essential to be aware of these natural variations when purchasing cotton products and to consider them when planning your projects or purchases.

100% Cotton, NO other additives such as plastic, elastane, nylon, synthetics, polyester or acryl are added. Therfore much saver for your health since there are no chemical and plastic fibers flying around (to breath in) while working with this beautiful product. Be aware that recycled cotton is minimal 30% polyester and plastics!!!!

Available in many many beautiful colours. The natural white / ecru is a beautiful bright, creamy off white. That is in our opinion the biggest plus in this collection! Or is it the strongness and shine of the most beautiful colours available? We can not choose, but what we can tell you is that we are fan of this collection!

You can find all these beautiful treasures here