At this time we carry 7 different cotton collections, in the past years we’ve learned a lot about the available cotton collections. We now know what is important to us AND our customers. Therefore some collections will be discontinued completely, some will be continued partly and 1 beautiful new collection is added to our range.
We still have some recycled cotton products left, but those will not be restocked in the future.

We decided we want to sell only 100% pure and natural cotton, we call it VIRGIN cotton. This because we are concerned about the growing percentage polyester and other plastic fibers that are added to the cotton. Those fibers are so small you often do not see them, but they are there, in the air that you breath in. Plastics are not a natural product and your body can not remove those as easy as natural products. It can easily pile up in your longs with all kinds of problems as a result. Our personal experience is the reason for this desicion.

Please use the topmenu to go to the information about each of the different collections.

Because we offer different collections from different suppliers and each supplier uses a different standard to measure the diameter of the product, it can be very difficult to choose what you need.
We’ve tried to help you with that and made our own standard for all collections available at Creadoodle. For all collections the thickness is stated in mm and when you order (for example) 3 mm, the product you’ll receive will be approximately 3 mm. It’s not easy to see the difference between 3 mm and 3.5 mm but we try to be as accurate as possible!
For the length, thickness and colour of the ropes and string, there can be a small difference due to the fact it is a natural product and every production process can be slightly different, so order a bit more when it is important to be enough.


You will find different explanaitions in different places, but it is not so difficult as you may think!

String is a bundel of threads slightly twisted together to form a bundle, a string or 1-ply. It is a soft product which gives a very nice subtle result and the ends brush out beautifully for a nice fringe. Often used for soft, lush pieces, tassels and fringe, also favorite among weavers.

Rope is a group of strings twisted together. 2-ply when 2 strings are twisted and 3-ply when 3 strings are twisted together forming 1 rope. It is more firm, very durable and very good for making pieces which need structure, like geometric pieces. It is possible to unravel the rope to make a fringe with a perm -)
And there is braided rope, which is an even more firm product then the twisted rope. Where twisted rope is made from a group of strings twisted together, the braided rope has a multiple amount of strings or threads braided together to create a very durable and robust cord.

Cord is a name for both string and rope, some may say braided rope is cord, but in the end you can use just the one you like most. There is no right or wrong!
For beginners I would reccomend to use a rope to learn the very basics since it shows you better what you are doing. A 1-ply string is very soft and once you made a tight knot, it is hard to undo. Feel free to ask!

It’s important to note that variations in the length of cotton products are common due to the natural characteristics of cotton fibers. While the weight of the product remains consistent, the length can vary by about 5 to 10% because cotton fibers are not uniformly thick from one growing season to another.

This variation is typically due to factors like weather conditions, soil quality, and other environmental factors that affect cotton growth. Producers often take these variations into account when setting the amount of meters for their cotton products to be as precise as possible in weight and length.

As a consumer, it’s essential to be aware of these natural variations when purchasing cotton products and to consider them when planning your projects or purchases.

Most of our products are either made from 100% natural cotton, OEKOTEX100 cotton or recycled OEKOTEX100 cotton.
We do offer a few products that are made with synthetic materials: the metallic fibers. Unfortunately these products can’t be made with natural materials, but we didn’t want to withhold these from you!