@creadoodle is our instagram page where we share the most inspiring macrame pieces from artists world wide, for trends and newest designs, new product and upcoming sales you do want to follow us! For our Dutch and Begium community we have @macrame.inspiratie
Would you like us to share your macrame work on our 1 and / or 2 of our Instagram pages ? You can!
Let us know you’re using Creadoodle supplies by following te steps below:

  • Tag @creadoodle or @macrame.inspiratie in your photo
  • Send us a DM in which you let us know you’re using our products
  • OR create an Instragram story in which you mention using our supplies

We will share our favorites!

Our community is a very nice and friendly community where we inspire each other to become better artists and incurrage each other to come up with new designs again and again.
We love you to become an addition to our creative world, keep in mind that inspiring each other is super, but copying the work of other artists is NOT done. Keep in mind artists spend a lot of time and materials coming up with new designs and it would be very disrespectful to just copy these designs. Also there is copyright law to protect not only music and books but also creative designs are protected by copyright.

So enjoy our community and be inspired to get the most pleasure out of your creativity!