Amber Blocks

Wonderfully scented traditional amber blocks. Amber, an oriental fragrance that has been used for centuries in Morocco and the Middle East. Nice to give but even nicer to receive and absolutely ok to give yourself this present.

Our blocks are 100% natural and organic blocks which are handmade according an age old traditional recipe. 100% natural and organic, vegan and cruelty-free. The blocks are of the finest quality and available in different scents which last for a very very long time.

Originally, the amber block is used as a perfume block. The block contains no alcohol and is therefore often used in Islamic countries as a perfume for your skin. For a wonderfully warm, powdery, sweet, sensual scent.

You can use the block in different ways.

  • Rub it on your wrist or neck, the amber will fragrance your skin as a natural parfum
  • Crumble a small amount and put it in a small bowl to make your room smell wonderful for months.
  • Place the block in your wardrobe or your car for a wonderful fragrance.
  • If the scent decreases, you can scrape off a little. This way the block can last for years.
  • You can also put some of the crumbles in your vacuum cleaner bag.
  • Let the block melt in an oil burner for a wonderful scent at your home.


  • circa 25 gr
  • Musk amber, vanaline, rose powder, essential oil
  • Alcohol free

Because the blocks are handmade the weight and size are not exactly the same every time
Keep out of direct sun, extreme heat and water.
Not suitable to eat, keep out of reach of children and pets
Can stain fiber, wood and open materials