Collections explained

Creadoodle cotton is available in several collections with different qualities and colours. For all collections the thickness is in mm and when you order 3 mm, you will get about 3 mm. I often get questions about why my products are thicker than those of other shops. This can easily be explained and that is because other sellers advertise 2 mm cord as 3 mm cord, this is just an example. Also it s not easy to see what is 0.5 mm. 0.75 mm and 1 mm. All suppliers use different measurements for their products. I try to be as accurate as I can of course.
What I sell is most of the times a natural product and every batch the thickness can vary a bit.

Creadoodle stands for natural products of a good, better or best quality!
All products are 100% natural and or 100% recycled. When you are creating stuff, you know there will be dust parts flying around, so be aware what you are willing to breath in while creating. That is why we choose mostly for 100% natural cotton, OEKOTEX cotton and even a beautiful 100% recycled OEKOTEX cotton. Our wool is 100% natural and organically dyed. Also there are some products that are not natural, so if this is of importance to you, you should choose the 100% natural collections, all of the basic collection and luxe collection are 100% cotton, merino woolroving, detox combed cotton and maybe there will be some more.
The recycled collection are 90 to 95% made from cotton and 5 to 10% of other recycled fibers, depending on the product you choose.
Below this you will find some info about our collections. Shopping is most easy using the topmenu.

The Creadoodle Basic Collection

The Creadoodle Basic Collection is a collection of good quality 100% cotton rope / cord. It is produced in Europe. It is an economic choice. It has a nice feel, easy to knot with and available in 1-ply, 3-ply and braided from 3 up to 15 mm! Especially the more chunky ones are suitable for making rainbows. Click here to go to the complete Basic Collection. In the topmenu you can search more specific.

The Creadoodle Soft Collection

This cotton really is off super quality en really super soft.
it is produced in Europe en very suitable for macrame, jewelry making, weaving and crochet.
It is available in 1-ply and 3-ply twisted in several beautiful colours from 2.5 mm to to 6 mm.
It is 100% recycled and OEKOTEX100 produced cotton, which means it s produced without any toxic and/ or chemical products and therefor does no harm to the environment and health.
Go to the soft collection here or use the top menu to make your choice more easy.

The Creadoodle Luxe Collection

This collection is not better then the soft collection, it s just different. This collection I chose for the super soft cords and the beautifull colours, the firm twist and the chunky cords. This is worldwide the most used collection for macrame and weaving. Its is very suitable to make a beautiful fringe with, or tassels, because it is very easy to comb.
These products are produced in Turky and are OEKOTEX-100 labeled and therefor harmless for the environment en your health. When you do knot yourself, you should know it can be a bit dusty….. this you breath in…. The biggest reason I choose only OEKOTEX produced or recycled products for my shop is because there are no (chemical) products used in the process. Click here to go to the complete Luxe Collection or use the top menu to choose more easy.

Lush Collection

The Lush collection is a 100% recylced collection It is made 95% cotton and 5% other recycled fibers. These ropes qualify for the STANDARD 100 OEKOTEX which guarantees that it it is free of toxins and therefor are safe for your health, for the environment and even safe to use for babies. Available in different kinds and colours

Bobbiny Collection

Bobbiny is completely made from reclycled cotton, and a small percentage of other recycled fibers. These ropes qualify for the STANDARD 100 OEKOTEX which guarantees that it it is free of toxins and therefor are safe for your health, for the environment and even safe to use for babies. Available in different kinds and colours

Detox Combed Cotton

The main difference between “normal” and “combed” cotton is that the latter is subjected to a second process which consists of passing the thread through “combs” responsible for removing impurities. This process can eliminate up to 15% of the fibers, leaving only the longest and strongest fibers. The main advantage of combed cotton is the overall quality of the garment, as it is made only with long fibers, it is much more resistant, less likely to break, and feels much softer. It also supports the dyeing processes better and the color stays brighter for longer.
Organic Cotton: Cotton guaranteed by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS®) certification, which protects the health of the people involved in the supply chain, from workers to end users.
Combed organic cotton is not genetic engineering and has grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, therefore it can bear the GOTS® seal The GOTS® production model guarantees safety and fair working conditions for both cotton producers and textile workers. It is the highest required seal that ensures a thread that respects nature and people.
Detox cotton: Cotton free from toxic or harmful substances in the supply chain. The yarn is dyed without the use of carcinogenic or allergenic dyes, making it completely hypoallergenic, which is why it is certified with OEKO-TEX®’s DETOX TO ZERO seal OEKO-TEX®’s DETOX TO ZERO is an efficient verification system that aims to implement the criteria of the Greenpeace DETOX campaign within the production facilities and guarantee cotton free from harmful or toxic substances.

Linen Flame

30% flamĂ© linen – 70% viscose
Linen mixed with viscose is an ideal material for weaving garments, since, by incorporating viscose fibers to linen, we give it a softness, elasticity and a drape that linen does not have by itself.

Flamé yarn is a technique that consists of manually spinning, giving the linen more or less thickness, which highlights the natural fiber and achieves a fluffy and airy yarn, in tune with the nature of this noble fiber.

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