Pure cotton or recycled cotton, which is better?

pure cotton or recycled cotton? which is better? Creadoodle

100% cotton vs recycled cotton What is better?
What is more beautiful?
100% cotton is clearly pure cotton. Recycled cotton, though often labeled as 100% cotton, includes an increasing proportion of polyester and other plastic elements.
Recycling plastics is a great idea for buckets and other hard objects. While working with fibers dust is flying around and inhaled, what happens when you inhale micro plastics?

News in the Netherlands last week was that the waste and plastic recycling industry can not recycle most of the plastic waste, they just do not know what to do with it… it seems plastic recycling is not very environment friendly, the opposite is true unfortunately.
And then; what cotton do you like better? Which is more beautiful? And what cotton is more affordable?

In the photo you can see 100% pure cotton on the left vs recycled cotton on the right. The difference lies in the quantity of fibers within each strand, the thickness and sheen of these fibers, and the vibrant, saturated color of pure cotton compared to the somewhat muted and less saturated appearance of recycled cotton. This difference may stem from the challenge of coloring plastics, which are part of recycled cotton.

Creadoodle presents a 100% cotton range that comes at a significantly lower price compared to other retailers offering recycled cotton products.

What do you choose?
Please let it be health!