Recycled cotton, what about your health?

pure cotton or recycled cotton? which is more beautiful, softer, better and healthier? Creadoodle

A recent Greenpeace report brings to light a concerning reality: the recycling process can actually increase the health risks associated with plastics!!

According to the report, recycled plastics often contain higher concentrations of harmful substances such as flame retardants, benzene, and carcinogens compared to newly produced plastic. Moreover, these recycled materials frequently carry endocrine disruptors, which can interfere with natural hormone levels in the body.

The presence of these chemicals in recycled plastics has been linked to various health issues, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. This poses risks not only to consumers of recycled products but also to frontline communities and recycling workers.

With less than nine percent of plastic waste being recycled globally, urgent action is needed to address this issue. Plastic not only threatens the circular economy but also contaminates air, water, and food sources. The ultimate solution lies in reducing plastic production altogether. Unfortunately new plastic is very cheap to produce and a lot less expensive then recycling old plastic.

Even virgin plastic, as highlighted by the United Nations Environment Programme, contains over 3,200 chemicals known to be harmful to human health. Recycling exacerbates these risks, as noted by Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A Plastic Planet, who stresses that each recycling cycle adds to the chemical burden of plastics.

It’s no wonder that recycled plastic was previously prohibited for use in contact with food. Therefore, it’s essential to question the safety of products made from recycled materials, including cotton products. Despite being labeled as 100% cotton, recycled cotton products always contain a significant percentage of plastic (averaging between 30-60%). Why subject yourself to potential health hazards from inhaling microplastic dust particles or compromise your well-being with products that may pose risks to your health?

Choose wisely, Creadoodle Team

(source: Dezeen, May 26, 2023).