What do you need to start with macrame?

Creadoodle macrame wall hanging

Hi there, sooo nice you are interested in starting to learn macrame!
To start macrame there are only a few things you really need! The very basic needs are a dowel to make a wall hanging on or a ring for a planthanger, rope or string plus of course scissors to cut the cords.
We find it very useful to use a clothes rack to hang the dowel or ring on because most cloth racks are adjustable in height. For the smaller projects this is less important, but for the larger projects it is very nice to be able to adjust the working height.
Some people love micro macrame and in that case a macrame board can come in handy.
All options above can be replaced by anything you want, whatever works for you is totally fine! It can be chairs, a coat rack… anything!

Of course you need the rope or cord to knot with (I will specify and explain these in another blog later)
Good to know upfront is that rope and cord unravels quickly when you start knotting with it, we recommend taping the ends to keep them from unraveling.
Also you will need a pair of scissors to cut the cords. For thicker cords you would want a good quality scissors, we do sell those in our shop, plus a measuring tape.

There are a lot of youtube video’s to teach you how to macrame, we have our own Youtube channel and those are great to learn the basic knots, for video tutorials in which a complete design is shown our experience is that you loose a lot of time looking back again and again to know the part of a pattern you want. They are not always clear in how much rope you need, how long the cords need to be, but a big advantage is that most tutorials are free of charge. (There are absolutely good quality video’s, you just need to find them)

Nevertheless we recommend to use a good quality pattern, in which is written what products were used, how long the cords should be, a schematic drawing of the pattern with a good knotguide and also a written step by step pattern. In the end it will save you a lot of time and materials. We recommend the patterns of @lanaastudio, she offers a great variety of patterns from small to XLarge in her Shop on Etsy.

-Adjustable rack
-Macrame board for smaller projects
-Dowel or ring
-Rope or string
-Measuring tape