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We are making a significant change to our collections! We are transitioning to using only 100% natural organic products.

As part of this transition, we will be phasing out our recycled cotton collections. But don’t worry, we want to give you all a chance to grab your favorite items before they’re gone for good! To make this transition even more special, we are offering a fantastic 25% OFF discount on all our recycled cotton collections.

It’s the perfect opportunity for you to stock up while enjoying incredible savings. We truly believe in the importance of taking care of our and your health, and this step towards organic cotton is just one way we’re contributing to a greener future.

Thank you for being a part of the Creadoodle Community, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional, 100% organic, eco-friendly products in the future. Happy shopping!
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Wall Hangings

We’re proud to offer more than just materials for macrame, weaving, and crochet. Our expertise also extends to crafting exquisite wall art using our own products. See our fibers’ remarkable creations, and for art buyers, we’ve got you covered too! Let imagination soar with our products, transforming your space into an artistic canvas.

Discover personalized home decor with our custom wall art service! Imagine a handcrafted macrame masterpiece, tailored exclusively for you. We believe art should be a personal expression, so we collaborate closely with you. From concept to creation, we work to understand your preferences, discuss options, and bring your dreams to life with intricate knotwork and premium materials.

Unleash your imagination and let us craft the perfect macrame wall hanging for your space. Elevate your interior design with our custom wall art. Get in touch today to adorn your walls with personalized artistry.

Creadoodle macrame wall hanging Sophia Bohemian style


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Creadoodle Premium cotton for macrame weaving crochet and more
100% Organic and Sustainable
Creadoodle offers unique cords made exclusively from 100% organic materials. No synthetics, polyester, or plastic are used in our production process. Our commitment to sustainability means you can enjoy custom-sized cords that are eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals. Choose Creadoodle for high-quality, natural fiber cords that align with your values.
Creadoodle Premium Cotton Collection for macrame weaving crochet and more
High Quality, Low Prices
Creadoodle offers premium quality fibers sourced directly from European manufacturers. By eliminating middlemen, we provide unbeatable prices without compromising on quality. Experience the best quality-price ratio with Creadoodle.
Creadoodle Premium Cotton Collection for macrame weaving crochet and more
Bulk, B2B, Custom Orders
At Creadoodle, we offer bulk purchasing and B2B options with lower prices. We also welcome custom orders. Visit our website for more details or contact our customer support team for personalized assistance.


Welcome to our (FREE) Macrame Video Tutorials!

Unlock the art of macrame with our comprehensive video series that caters to beginners and experienced crafters alike. Whether you’re a novice eager to learn the basic knots or a seasoned creator seeking new design inspirations, our tutorials have got you covered!

Discover the meditative world of macrame as we walk you through each knot step-by-step, ensuring you grasp the techniques with ease. From the foundational square knot to the intricate lark’s head, our videos provide a clear and enjoyable learning experience.

But that’s not all! We believe creativity knows no bounds, which is why we also present you with captivating video patterns for complete macrame designs. With our guidance, you can effortlessly craft stunning wall hangings, plant hangers, and dream catchers that will elevate any space with their charm.

Join our ever-growing community of macrame enthusiasts and unleash your inner artist. With Creadoodle Macrame Video Tutorials, the possibilities are endless, and the results are simply mesmerizing! So, grab your cords, hit play, and let the magic of macrame unfold before your eyes.

Happy knotting! (Click the photo to see them all)

Creadoodle wall hanging macrame