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Creadoodle decided to go all natural!
We want NO more polyester and other plastics in our products, therefor all recycled cotton products, which contain a growing percentage of polyester, will NOT be restocked.

All collections which contain other fibers are running out now, BUT our Premium Collection will be expanded!
Our Premium Collection is a 100% VIRGIN cotton, only pure and natural cotton. We find our, and your health important and inhaling plastic fibers while working with them can cause a lot of damage in the lungs. That is important to know, so you can decide for yourself.

When you are looking for all natural products for your art Creadoodle is here for you!
Premium cotton, Merino Wool, Art Yarn and Creadoodles will stay. As well as the metallics, this is where we make an exeption, because there is not natural substitute for metallics.

When you are a fan of our other collections or want to get a nice deal, now is the time to shop for the products that are still available.

It is easiest to use the top menu for your search and specify using the filter button on each page. Enjoy!